For the Finest in Natural Skin Care, Look to Honey

Everybody has heard of her – Cleopatra. As Queen of the Nile, she was a ‘spokes-model’ for the ancient Egyptians. As matriarch of natural beauty and skin care, Cleopatra established the natural skin care fundamentals – honey. Honey was the core of her natural skin care regime. Yes, you have heard that right. Honey, the thick and slimy stuff that bees make and the stuff that we spread on pancakes, was the main skin care product that kept Cleopatra’s skin youthful and radiant. What is this about honey that makes it good for the skin?

Moisturizer and Antioxidant

You may not know this. Honey is a main ingredient in natural skin care in ancient times, in villages and it is widely used today. Why is honey used? Scientists and researchers have found that honey is an antioxidant. Antioxidants protect the skin from the sun which causes skin damage, premature ageing, and even cancer!

Honey, a natural moisturizer, attracts and retains water. When used as a facial mask or a bath, honey moisturizes the skin. Do you have sensitive skin? Then using honey as part of your skin care regime is for you as it is soothing and does not irritate the skin.

Treatment for Acne

Honey is an anti-microbial agent. It prevents bacteria growth. Why is honey a good anti-microbial agent? Honey, high in sugar content, limits the water amount available to bacteria. Bacteria need nitrogen to grow. It has low protein content and acidity level that deprives the bacteria of nitrogen. The anti-microbial agent in honey makes it an excellent treatment for acne flare-ups. Unlike many other acne products or treatments, it does not make the skin dry.

Treatment for Skin Conditions

A recent research and study done at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health has proven that a mixture of honey, beeswax and olive oil relieve psoriasis and eczema symptoms associated. 80% of the participants with eczema who took part in the study had great improvements. They reported significant reductions in the symptoms – itching, oozing and scaling using this natural treatment.

Honey, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, reduces scarring and pain. It accelerates wound healing. Both honey and olive oil contain flavonoids, which protects cells and inhibit histamines – a condition which causes allergic reactions. Bastyr’s mixture of honey, beeswax and olive oil, is an effective skin care ointment for scrapes, small cuts and abrasions.

Honey is the basis of many natural skin care products. From wound to preventative care to disease treatment, scientists and dermatologists agree that nobody should have a natural skin care regime without it.

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Reasons Why Cindy Crawford Skin Care Products Are Popular

Due to stress, pollution and other causes of skin aging, many women resort to anti-aging products because they know that they do not deserve such undesirable effects. Some also opt for whatever the skin care industry has to offer because of the desire to look as beautiful as they used to be when they were still young. One of the popular products used to fight off signs of aging is the Cindy Crawford skin care system.

This anti-aging product line t is developed through the partnership of Cindy Crawford, a well-known supermodel and cover girl, and Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, a first-rate European dermatologist.

Crawford, being a client of Dr. Sebagh, is an exclusive recipient of a special formula that the skin professional has created. Years after Crawford quit modeling, their working relationship extended towards entrepreneurship by establishing their own line of beauty and skin care products, making their special formula available for the whole world.

Why are the Cindy Crawford skin care products so popular?

One of the main reasons why a lot of people prefer these products is its all-natural ingredients. The Cindy Crawford system is mainly composed of Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Acacia Senegal Extract, water, glycerin, and more. The special and essential component of Crawford’s products is the antioxidant superoxide dismutase from the rare French melon that Dr. Sebagh has discovered.

The presence of Sun Protection Factor, or commonly known as SPF, in this line of products is one of the things that makes it better than the others. Some signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines, are further caused by the damaging rays of the sun. If you are protected from it by the products’ SPF 20, then there is prevention of gaining extra damage to your face and skin. You cannot find any better beauty and skin care product that offers a combination of anti-aging formula and sun protection factor.

Lastly, all of these incredible features of Cindy Crawford beauty system in a price of around $29.95, which is good for a month or more. Along with this affordability, the product also offers a free trial period of 90 days to see if it is good for your skin or not. If you are not satisfied with it, a money back guarantee is at hand.

Good things are being said about Cindy Crawford skin care products. But scientifically, there is not enough study to show the capability of its special ingredient in fighting off wrinkles, fine lines, and the like.

Beauty and Personal Care Products and Information

From antiquity, beauty has been a subject occupying the minds of humankind. Now days, the level of the obsession is higher due to the exigencies of the society. Everyone, male or female, young or old, wants to be congratulated for their beauty. To become more attractive, Americans spend billions of dollars each year in beauty products. According to a research published by the YWCA, American women spend in average $7 billion a year on cosmetics and beauty products. Over 80% of people from ages 16 to 50 billions in cosmetics, you can benefit from this article.

Sometimes in developed countries buy beauty and personal care products such as moisturizing cream, lightening cream/lotion, anti-wrinkle cream /lotion, and beauty masks. If you are one of the millions who spend, the use of cosmetics is more than a luxury, but a need. With age, skin’s problems are emerging. At puberty, acne breakouts tend to affect your self-confidence; during pregnancy, stretch marks appear, doing nothing, they will destroy the beauty of your skin; as you age, your skin is invaded by wrinkles. To counteract those imperfections, something must be done. You need to use special personal and skin care products to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

However, as far as cosmetics, it is difficult to promote a product for all, since everyone has not necessarily the same type of skin. In addition, many internal and external factors such as stress, poor liver or stomach function, hormone disruption, air pollution, and unhealthy or poor diet can affect your skin and beauty. In search of beauty and perfection, many people spend a fortune in plastic surgery, sometimes, resulting in disappointment or even death. To feel good about yourself, you need to tap your beauty in nature, that is, use of 100% natural beauty and personal care products internally (mineral and vitamin supplements to fight free radicals) and externally (cream, lotion, mask, etc.).

The beauty of the skin does not come only from outside or makeup, but also from the interior; that requires healthy diet and lifestyle. In fact, wearing makeup on your face all the times is not good for your skin. Your skin needs to breathe to receive the oxygen and all elements it needs to be healthy. In addition, you must eat a healthy and balanced diet. Avoid, as far as possible, tobacco, sweet and fatty foods. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, regular consumption of fruit and vegetables could heal major skin problems that cosmetic products fail to reverse. Along with using beauty products, the following is strongly recommended:

Eat Fruit and vegetables– Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, they provide nutrients, not just for your skin, but your entire body. Certain of these fruits and vegetables (carrot, cucumber, etc.) can also be used on the skin as a mask. Some fruits like strawberries and apricots have nourishing and softening effects on your skin, citrus fruits have healing effects on the stretch marks; flaxseed oil and Carrots, rich in vitamin A, diminish complexion and rejuvenate the skin cells.

Drink plenty of fluids – drink about 8 glasses of water a day (plus a few glasses of natural juice) to help your body getting rid of toxins and keep your skin moisturized and fresh. To start your day, in an empty stomach, drink a glass of distilled water; it helps your body eliminate toxins absorbed. Although simple, this action may remediate certain problems of the stomach and other organs such as kidney and gastro-intestine.

Hydrogen Peroxide Baths – to fight free radicals (on your skin) and refresh your skin, you can take a bath in hydrogen peroxide by putting 1 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide in a tub full of water and remain in it for 15 to 30 minutes. Do this no more than 3 times a week, and at least one hour before going to bed because high level of oxygen in your skin cells can prevent you from falling sleep.