All About SkinMedica Skin Care By Allergan

SkinMedica Skin Care by Allergan is a high end aesthetic and skin-care range that was invented by Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick, a certified dermatologist. In 2012, the brand was acquired by Allergan, which is the company that makes and markets Botox. Their entire range of products is based on the age-old science of the healing capabilities of human skin.

If you want to know more about the brand or even want to buy some of the best beauty and skin products in the market today here is some valuable information about what you can buy and how it will help your skin look better and feel a great deal better too.

Some of the excellent SkinMedica Skin Care products that are available include:

• TNS Eye Repair
• Recovery Complex System
• TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream
• Tri Retinol Complex
• Restoration Ointment
• Other SkinMedica serums
• SkinMedica moisturizers and creams

Best Skin Care Products

All SkinMedica products are top of the line innovations that contain a specially formulated blend of restorative ingredients. These are unique and innovatively formulated products that work below the surface of the skin. The gentle yet effective ingredients work on the skin, rejuvenating it and helping it get rid of dead cells so that it looks radiant and feels fresh and young. SkinMedica is renowned for its TNS®. This is a unique blend of collagen, human growth factors, antioxidants as well as a generous does of protein. The company also uses retinol in some of its skin care products. The company’s TNS range includes the Recovery Complex, Essential Serum and Dermal Repair Cream.

Effective and Exclusive

In 2012, SkinMedica introduced Lytera Skin Brightening Complex. This blend of potent skin care ingredients addresses skin issues like hyperpigmentation, blotchiness and uneven skin tone. The serum contains various natural extracts and tetrapeptide that are very effective in reducing the appearance of age spots. All SkinMedica by Allergan products are specialized and are not the regular OTC beauty products. These are sold via dermatologist clinics. The company also provides a re-billing facility and the product can be re-shipped to you before you run out.

These products are all very effective. However, you have to maintain consistency with application and use. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists across the globe trust the company and the products it manufactures. The fact that these products are sold via their clinics is proof of the fact that they vouch for the quality of these high-end beauty care products.