Basic Skin Care Information That Every Woman Should Know

Are you confused by all the advertising about skin care and beauty products that you see everywhere?

It’s quite normal to be confused but you may require some basic information on skin that will help you make informed choices. You certainly do not want to harm your skin by using the wrong products.

The fundamental basis of effective skin care is to clean and moisturize your skin, while protecting it from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The products you use should be able to achieve this singly or in combination.

The first skin care info you need is about cleansing your skin. You need a mild cleanser that still manages to do away with dirt and oil from your skin. If the cleanser you use leaves your skin feeling very tight, it is not the one for you since it has stripped your face of all moisture. Never use harsh scrubs on your face, reserve them for your body, particularly your elbows, knees and feet. Using harsh and drying products on your face is the quickest way to get wrinkles.

You also need skin care info regarding moisturizing. Moisturizers available these days are a product of scientific understanding of how the skin works. Choose one that is meant for your type of skin. For example, a moisturizer that contains glycerol helps water to penetrate your skin and hydrate it better. Look for one that contains ceramides. As you enter your thirties your skin creates lesser quantities of it and this causes aging.

You are also at constant risk of UV related skin problems unless you apply the proper protection. Most people don’t know that they have to wear sunscreen even at home since the effects of UV radiation build up over the years.

Keep this basic skin care information in mind so that you do not waste your effort on the wrong beauty or skin care products.